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Oil Tank Sweeps

New Jersey requires homeowners to take prompt action to minimize the risk of lead contamination.
Storage tanks containing home heating oil – whether they’re located underground, above ground or in the basement – can rust and leak over time, posing a number of environmental and health risks. In the event of a storage tank discharge – where heating oil comes into contact with soil or groundwater – New Jersey requires homeowners to take prompt action to minimize those risks.
The following could be signs of a leak in your home heating oil tank:
Under state laws, cleanup activities must be conducted for discharges of fuel oil. However, to obtain final state approval of a cleanup, a “no further action” letter is needed through the DEP’s Voluntary Cleanup Program. This letter increasingly is required in real estate transactions. If you will require such a letter at closing, ensure that you leave ample time to complete the cleanup and gain final state approval.

Contact TG Project Management to determine whether any of the above problems are caused by a leaking fuel oil storage tank to provide you with guidance in determining the source of the problem.

Equipment used:

  • GSSI Utility scan 350 Antenna GPR Ground Penetrating Radar 
  • Schonstedt Maggie Magnetic Locator 
  • Fisher TW-6

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